3/3/2021— Psalms 119:145-160

By March 3, 2021 Devotion

每日诗歌:Hope and wait

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每日读经: 诗篇119:145-160 

( https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=%E8%A9%A9%20%E7%AF%87%20119%3A145-160&version=CUV  )


诗篇119:151 耶和华阿,你与我相近。你一切的命令尽都真实。 



在过去的几周,我感觉情况相当艰难。我相信很多人都经历很多事过。我不知道你们上几个星期的经历是什么,但是最近几周,我的脑筋,属灵,和身体状况都在面对挑战。而且感觉自己在很多方面都失败了。但是,在我最低的时候,躺在床上,身体无法动,我就再次回想诗篇。再次被提醒,唯有耶和华能使我的灵魂苏醒。诗篇119:145-160多次说:“我 向 你 呼 吁 , 求 你 救 我“和“我 趁 天 未 亮 呼 求 ; 我 仰 望 了 你 的 言 语”。如果我们呼唤,神就在我们身边。我们也必须按照他的诫命生活。第145节说:“ 我 一 心 呼 吁 你 ; 求 你 应 允 我 , 我 必 谨 守 你 的 律 例”这些经文不是与神讨价还价的。这不是利益的交换。相反,在这些经文中,我们看到作者坚定要活出一个跟随神命令的生活。他求神拯救他,所以他可以继续按照神的律法而活。他没有说“救我,然后我会按照你的话活下去”。



亲爱的天父,让我活着是为了你的荣耀, 不是我自己的。 让我活在你的命令以下,不是我自己的。 让我记住,生命只能从你而来。奉主耶稣基督的名求,阿们!

Daily Devotion:

Where is your hope? 

These past few weeks have been pretty rough, as I am sure they have been for many people. I don’t know what your stories are, but these last few weeks, I have felt stressed physically, spiritually, and mentally and I have felt like I failed in many ways. But, at my lowest days, laying on a bed, physically unable to move, my mind turns to Psalms once again. I was reminded that God alone gives rest to my soul. Psalm 119:145-160 says multiple times “I call to you; save me” and “I rise before dawn and cry for help; I hope in your words”. God is near to us if we call out to him. We must seek to live according to his commandments. Verse 145 says “with my whole heart I cry; answer me, O Lord! I will keep your statutes.” These verses are not a bargain with God. It’s not an exchange of benefits. Rather, here in these verses, we see that the author is committed to living a life that is deeply rooted in obeying God’s commands. He calls on God to save him SO THAT he might continue to live according to God’s laws. He does not say “save me AND THEN I’ll live according to your word”.

I used to think that my relationship with God was like an exchange. I’ll be good, and God will be good to me. But, knowing God is so much more, so much deeper than that. It’s about trusting that God will be there for me, even when I cry out in the dark. Even before the sun comes out, before the light shines, I know that God is near to me. He will save me, so that I can walk in His light and His life.


Dear Heavenly Father. May I seek to live for your glory instead of my own. To dwell in your commandments, not my own. Help me to remember that life can only be found in you.Pray in Jesus’name, Amen!