1/18/2021— Psalms 73-74

By January 18, 2021 Devotion

每日诗歌:  除你以外 ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvETeAd6ctE )

每日读经:诗篇 73-74

( https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=psalm+73&version=CUVS )


73: 24-26 你要以你的训言引导我,以后必接我到荣耀里。除你以外,在天上我有谁呢 ? 除你以外, 在地上我也没有所爱慕的。 我的肉体和我的心肠衰残;但神是我心里的力量,又是我的福分,直到永远 。


1. 你是否因恶人的成功感到嫉妒呢?你相信在永恒中绝对的正义吗?



和诗篇73篇的作者一样,我们是否也经常看见恶人的繁荣呢?那些恶人可以在这个世界上成功幸福,家庭事业兴旺,最后平静没有痛苦的死去,对比很多的善良的人过着贫穷而悲伤的生活… 我们会不会问为什么上帝允许这样,善良的人究竟有什么好处呢?上帝看见并允许这些,怎样彰显出他的慈爱和公义呢?这首诗描述了这样的感觉。这首诗和很多其他的经文告诉我们,虽然恶行不是马上得到报应,但是在永恒中,所有的这些都会被重新计算,绝对的公义会实现。所以,无论我们遇见什么样的困难,我们都不能嫉妒恶者的成功,而要一心一意仰望我们的神,就像这首诗写的一样:我的肉体和我的心肠衰残;但神是我心里的力量,又是我的福分,直到永远 。

诗篇74篇是在以色列人被掳时代作的,那时昔日辉煌的圣城被毁,变成一片废墟… 当时以色列民活在极大的痛苦之中,但是主没有借他使者的口告诉他们还要继续承受这一切的苦多久。在这个困难绝望的时候,他们向上帝祷告,求主的怜悯,祈求主从困苦中解救他们这些爱主的困乏受压迫的子民。呼告主他们愿意服侍赞美主。我们现在知道主回应了他们的祷告,并从敌人的手中解救了他们,根据主自己的时间安排。主不仅救了他们,而且通过以色列人,赐给世界他独生子基督耶稣,把我们所有人从罪中拯救。这首诗教导我们无论在什么样的困境中,我们都要仰望基督耶稣。只有在主里面才有希望,只有主基督才是我们的拯救者。


亲爱的主天父,求你提醒我们你是掌管万有的主。无论有什么样困难,你是我们的拯救者。求你保守所有的兄弟姐妹的远离新冠肺炎。愿这场疾病之灾尽快结束,我们能早日回到正常的生活。在这一切的困境中, 你是我们的希望!以主基督耶稣的名求,阿们!

Daily Verses:

Psalms 73 24-26 You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will take me into glory. Whom have I in heaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

Daily Questions:

1. Are your jealous of success of the wicked? Do you believe that absolute justice will be fulfilled at eternality?

2. At difficult times, are you willing to pray to God, and trust his salvation?

Daily Devotion:

Same as the author of Psalms 73, we also often see the prosperity of the wicked. Those wicked people can be very successful and happy in the world, living in prosperity, and dying without pain or alarm, while many of the good are poor and sorrowful in their lives. The question will arise why God permits this; whether there is any advantage in being good; and whether that God who sees this, and permits this, can be just and benevolent. The psalm describes these feelings, and gave a lot of thoughts. This psalm and many other verses of the bible taught us that the current is not the world of retribution, but in eternity, all the inequalities of the present world will be adjusted and exact justice will be given to all.  Therefore, regardless of whatever difficulty is happening in our lives, we should not envy the success of the wicked, and we should always focus our heart on God, as was said in this Psalm: “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

Psalms 74 was composed near the time of the captivity, when the previous glorious Mount Zion, now made desolate or in ruins.  At this time, people suffered great pains, however no messenger of God will show them how long this would continue. At this difficult time, they made a prayer that God would not forget his own cause, that he would remember that these reproaches were reproaches of his own name; and that he would pity and relieve the people that loved him, now poor and oppressed – the people that desired to serve and praise him. As we now know that this prayer was indeed answered and they were saved from the enemy according God’s timeline. Not only saved them, through them, God gave his own son, Jesus, to save all of us from our sins. This teaches us that no matter what difficult situation we are in, there is always hope in our God, and He is our savior.