1/12/2021— Psalms 65-66

By January 12, 2021 Devotion

每日讀經:詩篇 65-66

( https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=psalm+65&version=CUVS )


Psalm 65:4 你所拣选,使他亲近你,住在你院中的,这人便为有福。我们必因你居所,你圣殿的美福知足了。




1. 上帝的作为奇妙可畏

2. 神的大能使仇敌投降

3. 上帝用权能治理万民直到永远

4. 他的眼睛鉴察列邦

5. 他必不叫我们的脚摇动

6. 我们经过水火,他会带我们到丰富之地

7. 上帝侧耳听我们祷告的声音

8. 他不会使他的慈爱离开我们




Daily ReadingPsalms 65-66 

( https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=psalms+65&version=CUVS )

Daily Verse:

Psalm 65:4 Blessed is the one you choose and bring near, to dwell in your courts! We shall be satisfied with the goodness of your house,the holiness of your temple!

Daily Devotion: 

Psalm 65 – Praise is due to God. It is our responsibility, and duty to give God the praise that He owes. We praise God because when we sin and get covered in nasty wickedness, God chooses to bring us near to him to live in his house. We know that God’s house cannot have any dirt, grim, or filth in it. But he loves us so much that he cleans us, then brings us in. Therefore, praise is due to him.

Psalm 66 states some truths about God that we might have forgotten and need reminders of.

·  God’s deeds are awesome

·  God is so powerful that his enemies cringing to him

·  God rules with his might forever

·  God’s eyes watch over the nations

·  He will not let our feet slip.

·  We went through fire and through water, yet God brings us to a place of abundance

·  God is attending to the voice of our prayers

·  God has not nor will he remove our steadfast love from us.

Many people have mixed feelings about what is happening in the US right now. But God tells us that His Eyes watch over the nations. God is powerful, mighty, and his enemies will not stand. In these times, God’s people should be devoting themselves to prayer. If we truly believe that God is in control and that he listens to our prayers, then an hour of prayer at the minimum should be only logical. Nothing with eternal value will ever happen apart from prayer.  Jesus tells us to pray for our enemies. We cannot and will not have serious change without Serious prayer. God listens, God hears, God attends, … Because God has not rejected our prayers.

God, I am so thankful that you saw me in my filth and ignorant rebellion against you and choose to bring me near to yourself. Thank you Jesus because without you I would be ruined. By your goodness oh Lord you washed me clean and bring me into your house to live forever! Truly I am satisfied with the goodness of your house. God, I am so thankful that you hear my prayers. I know that you are in control of everything. You have always been on the throne, and truly you have your eyes on the nations. Please help me to become a man that devotes hours of my day to prayer and forgive me for thinking I have any control, to begin with. In Jesus’s name, I pray. Amen!