10/20/2020 Nehemiah 9-10

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9:6 你,唯独你,是耶和华。你造了天和天上的天,并天上的万象,地和地上的万物,海和海中所有的,这一切都是你所保存的;天军也都敬拜你。


1. 以色列人在和神签约之前都做了些什么?

2. 重述过去神所行的大事的目的是什么?




1. 回想神是怎么样的神。在第九章的第六节中,百姓做出了信仰的宣告:我们所敬拜的是独一的真神,是创造万物和给予生命的神。我们也应该自己回想我们所信的神到底是什么样的神,我们当初选择跟随他的原因是什么。

2. 数算神为他们所做过的事。他们回想神在过去是如何救赎他们的祖先,带领他们走到今日。这是非常重要的。对我自己而言,每到我自己开始数算神过去给我的恩典和带领,我的心很快就会与神变得更加亲近。每当你觉得自己与神疏远的时候,就当开始数算他过去对你所行的一切恩典。

3. 百姓在神面前立约,并且要立志遵行神的律法。我们可能会怕和神立约,因为我们知道我们很难信守自己的承诺。然而,我觉得列出我们对神的心志和坚定的信念,并且重新把这些心志和信念献给神是很宝贵的。承诺和信念是有区别的。比较下面两句话:“神啊,我保证绝不再犯这个罪了。”, “主啊,我会尽一切所能不犯同样的罪,如果我跌倒了,我会告诉一位弟兄/姊妹,让光照进我罪的黑暗中”。每当我们觉得自己与神疏远的时候,我们可以借着祷告在神面前重申我们对他的心志。




Memory Verse:

 “You are the LORD, you alone. You have made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their starry host, the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them; and you give life to everything, and the host of heaven worships you. Neh 9:6

Daily Questions:

1:  what did the people do before they signed their covenant with the LORD?

2: What was the purpose of retelling all the great things the LORD did?

Daily Devotional:

This is a wonderful example of how to repent, how to renew our relationship with God, and/or how to restart the spiritual fire that used to burn in our soul. They just finished building the wall and now they are ready to get right with God. There are some things that they do that are crucial to getting right with God or restart our passion for God.

There are many times in a Christian’s life when they feel dry spiritually, or they are coming out of a season of disobedience or sin. When I am in this situation, I do what we see done in these two chapters.

1.    Remember who God is. They remember who God is by declaring it in verse 6 in chapter 9 – “you alone are the Lord…you give life to everything” Do this for yourself and remember who God is to you and why you have first started to follow him.  

2.    They remember what God has done for them. They now go into a part where they recall the great things God has done for them, and in their case, their ancestors. This is extremely important. For me, When I recall all that God has done for me, my heart quickly feels closer to God. When you feel far from God, do this.

3.    They then made promises before the LORD and swore to keep them. Now it can be a bit scary to make promises to God because we have trouble sticking to our word, however, I do see it valuable to make a list of our spiritual convictions and rededicate them to the LORD in a similar fashion as they did. Promised are things we swear to do or not do, while convictions are personal morals that guide our lives and actions. For example, compare the following statements. “God I promise to never commit this sin again” vs. “Lord I will at all cost to avoid this sin, and if I fall I will always tell a fellow brother/sister to bring this sin to the light.” When we feel far from God, we can restate your convictions before the Lord in a prayerful way.

I think these three things will help us to get out of a dry or unfruitful spiritual place.


Oh LORD, you alone are God. I worship you, God. You are my creator and I praise you.

God, you alone are the one who made me feel so accepted when I was broken. God, wherever you lead me I will follow. As I look back on the days of my life with you, you have been so good to me. I praise you for your hand truly has been moving in my life!