3/10/2021— Psalms 126-127

By March 10, 2021 Devotion


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每日讀經: 詩篇126-127 

( https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=psalm+127&version=CUVS )


诗篇127:1 若不是耶和华建造房屋,建造的人就枉然劳力。若不是耶和华看守城池,看守的人就枉然儆醒。





这一章诗篇中描述了有一些建造工人非常辛勤地建造房屋,一些看守的人警醒看守城池。这些人都非常认真的在做一些重要的工作。他们用他们的时间,经历和资源来完成他们的目标。但是这些人却没有依靠神做这些事情。“你 们 清 晨 早 起 , 夜 晚 安 歇 , 吃 劳 碌 得 来 的 饭 , 本 是 枉 然 ; 惟 有 耶 和 华 所 亲 爱 的 , 必 叫 他 安 然 睡 觉”。对我个人而言,这段诗篇对我的提醒是:我不应该用我本应该来读经祷告与神亲近的时间,去用来完成我自己的目标。最重要的是,如果我没有花大量的时间来祷告,那我所做的也是枉然劳力。



Daily Question:

What are some things that you are trying to accomplish without God’s help?

Daily Devotion:

Psalm 127 is very personal to me, and I personally think that this entire Psalm is worth taking the time to memorize. This is also one of the most influential prayer verses in this season of my life.

The Psalmist reminds the readers of an important truth through a metaphor.

There are builders trying to work very diligently to build a house. Also there are watchmen carefully watching over the city until late hours of the night.

Both of these people are engaged in good noble tasks. They are both using all of their time, strength, and resources to complete their goals.  But these people are also not depending on God for their goals either….

“It is in vain that you rise up early and go late to rest, eating the bread of anxious toil;

 for he gives to his beloved sleep.”

For me, this means I must not skip reading my Bible and praying for working towards my goal. And most importantly, If I am not praying for significant amounts of time about this god-given Goal, then I am working in vain.


God, we know that you are working in our life, everything we do in vian. God unless we are working towards something that you approve of, all our efforts are wasted. Forgive me for working so hard trying to accomplish my goals on my own. God I want to work with the strength that you provide. Please help me prioritize prayer, Bible reading and spiritual disciplines above my own personal agenda. In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen!