12/09/2020— Psalms 17-18

By December 9, 2020 Devotion

每日詩歌: 恩典之洋 (即使我仍會軟弱) Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)

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詩 篇 18:31-33

31除了耶和华,谁是神呢?除了我们的神,谁是磐石呢? 32 惟有那以力量束我的腰,使我行为完全的,他是神。 33 他使我的脚快如母鹿的蹄,又使我在高处安稳。




英文有一个成语说 “the third time’s the charm”. 大概的意思是 “指第三次做某件事终于成功了”。在过去的三周中,我“碰巧”读了诗篇18篇三次了。其实每次都有不同的经文给我很深刻的影响。神的话真丰富!我每次感觉自己迷失了方向或在与神同行的路上远离他的时候就会回到诗篇这本书。我经常认为我可以自己解决生活中的所有麻烦,可是一但有任何一件小事发生就会证明我错了, 其实没办法自己担当一切。最近经常被提醒我们的生活确实多么脆弱。一个小病毒,一个小小的身体变化,一个小习惯,一个小思维,可以破坏我们整个身体和精神。 然而,当我们跌倒了,我们的天父再次把我们扶起来。

大卫问:“除了耶和华,谁是神呢?除了我们的神,谁是磐石呢? 惟有那以力量束我的腰, 使我行为完全的, 他是神. 他使我的脚快如母鹿的蹄,又 使我在高处安稳” 我真希望我可以把整篇在这里再写一次。我的灵说:“是的!阿们。”神真伟大!他的力量多么不可思议!如此敬畏的神选择这样脆弱的人来拯救,爱护和跟他们一起行走,真是太神奇了。选择了像我这样的人。即使我从他身边流浪,他也选择等待我。在他的帮助下,我能冲入敌军,可以跳过墙垣。我可以做我曾经认为不可能的事情,因为他给了我力量。在神的大能面前, “谢谢”感觉太小, 太少。我只能说,我将一生都跟随他,也通过他的恩典知道这就是他所要求的。



Daily Question:

In times of distress, who do I turn to?

Daily Devotion:

They say that the third time’s the charm. In the last 3 weeks, I have “coincidentally” read Psalm 18 three times. Actually, each time, a different verse has spoken deeply to me. God’s Word is so rich! Psalms is the book I turn to when I am feeling like I have lost my direction or have been straying in my walk with God. I tend to think that I can handle all the troubles in my life on my own, and yet one small thing will come along and prove me wrong. I have been reminded recently of how fragile our lives really are. A small virus, a small change in my body, a small habit, a stray thought can truly alter our lives in devastating ways both physically and spiritually. And yet, when we fall, our Heavenly Father reaches down to pick us up again. David asks “who is God besides the Lord? And who is the Rock except our God? It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure. He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he causes me to stand on the heights.” How I wish I could just quote the entire chapter. While reading it, my soul says “Yes! Amen.” How great is our God! How incredible is his strength! How amazing that such an awesome God would choose to save, love and walk with such a fragile being as man. Such a weak being as me. And yet, He chooses to wait for me, even when I wander from Him. And with His help, I can advance against a troop, I can scale a wall. I can do things I once thought were impossible, because He gives me His strength. “Thank you” seems so small in comparison to God’s provision. I can only say that I will spend the rest of my life following Him, and know in His grace, that is all he asks for.


Dear Heavenly Father, words are not enough to express all that I want to say to thank you. And even when I cannot describe how grateful I am, you already know my heart. Even when I wander from you, you stand and wait for me, seeing me even when I am far off. I can only use my life to say thank you for saving me. Amen!