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Mon, 02/04/2013 - 08:53 -- sacc
Miracle Through Prayer

On Wednesday, January 16th, Chinese Agape Foundation ( and HeartGift Foundation ( welcomed their first patient in 2013 to San Antonio. Little Ziran is a two and a half years old girl from Linshu, Shandong (Northeastern China) accompanied by her grandmother. San Antonio Chinese Church (SACC) has partnered with Chinese Agape Foundation and HeartGift Foundation to assist this lifesaving open heart surgery to repair Tetralogy of Fallot in little Ziran’s heart at the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio (

Chinese Agape Foundation has helped them get visas and the long trip to San Antonio; HeartGift has provided everything for the heart surgery at the Hospital; SACC served as the Host family and provided housing, food, transportation and translation service; and Childen’s Hospital of San Antonio provided the world class medical expertise and facility.

Ziran was checked into the hospital on Tuesday, January 22nd, and was operated on the Wednesday, 23rd. The surgeons, doctors, and nurses worked endlessly from morning to noon to repair her heart and announced the surgery went exceptionally well. She was transferred to the pediatric ICU following the surgery.

Only spend four days in the hospital, Ziran was discharged on Saturday, January 26th and return to the host family, brother Kaibin’s home. And on Sunday, we heard tiny footsteps running around the church, and immediately, little Ziran was the center of attention.

We truly saw God’s miraculous hand over little Ziran, giving her the opportunity to receive this surgery, the success of the surgery and the unbelievable speedy recovery. We thank all the brothers and sisters for their prayers and their care for little Ziran. May God continues to watches over her.

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Little Ziran was checked into the hospital on 22 Jan and received the open heart surgery on the 23.